VIDEO: Brian Woods on Using Resunate For Job Search Success

One of our users, Brian Woods, recently sat down with our Associate Marketing Manager Kat Krull to discuss how he used Resunate during his job search to optimize his resume. Check out the video below!

Resunate User of the Week: Matthew Partsch

Meet Matthew Partsch — one of our users who found a job working in his ideal field after optimizing and formatting his resume using Resunate.

We got a chance to talk with Matthew about his experiences searching for a new job and creating his resume. Check out what he had to say below!

What were you looking for in a job when you started your search?


What did you hate most about the job search process?

Interviewing – it is hard to communicate what you can do by sitting in a room with four people asking random questions.

How long did it take to land a job?

One month.

How or where did you originally learn to write a resume?

College – Penn State.

How did Resunate help you find success on your job search?

Easily allowed me to use my LinkedIn profile to create a detailed history.

What was the most helpful feature of Resunate for you? Why?

Using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has all of my history and information.

What advice do you have for other job seekers?

Make sure your resume and attitude fit the culture of the company you are going to. The employers today are very picky and are not only looking for great people, they want them to be like them.

Have you found similar success on the job search after revamping your resume? Let us know in the comments!


How to Secure a Job Referral

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