How To Use Twitter In Your Job Search

Posted by on January 18, 2012 at 9:00 am.
Social networking sites are becoming a mainstream component of recruitment strategy these days, according to a recent MSU survey of 3,000 companies.

How can you, the job seeker, make sure that you will be seen by recruiters on these sites? Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are much easier to display a lot more information about yourself for recruiters to see. However, Twitter is quickly making headway to catch up to these sites as a recruiting and job seeking platform because it offers a means for casual conversations between people who have never met in person. It has 100 million active users throughout the world and a fifth of those are in the United States.

How can you use Twitter in your job search? Let’s look at some really great ways to use it to your advantage:

Get acclimated with how it works.

When you first join Twitter, you will notice that many people choose a Twitter username to include their job title or company name. You will want to try and convey something about yourself through your Twitter username. Then, start to “follow” the companies that you would like to work for, as well as any other people who may be beneficial to know.

Many companies also use Twitter to share job openings. In fact, since 2008, it has skyrocketed in usage for job postings. @TweetMyJobs is just one of many Twitter handles devoted to tweeting out new jobs. You can follow it for the latest jobs or do a search among its feed for a specific position. Just enter #TweetMyJobs and [Position Title] into Twitter’s search field to get your targeted results.

Become a part of Twitter chats.

Check out the Twitter chat schedule to decide which chats you would like to take part in that will benefit you depending on your interests and industry. Our new Twitter chat, #MyCR, will discuss everything resumes (please join us!).

A recent article by Keppie Careers stated, “The great thing about joining chats and communities pertaining to your hobbies and interests is that it gives you an opportunity to connect with other people about things that have nothing to do with jobs. Just as it is a good idea for job seekers to join a biking club if they enjoy biking, or an art class if artistically talented, Twitter provides an unprecedented way to reach out to new people and to extend your “loose” network – people you would otherwise never meet.” This is important because people in your loose network can become friends that can help to build your network or give you job leads once they get to know you.

Offer your expertise to gain recognition from companies who may need it.

Keep up with your industry trends and when you see a Twitter post worth sharing by someone in your industry, make sure to either reply to it or share it with others by re-tweeting it. Reply to questions that people put out there with well thought out answers, and if you have something useful to tweet about, then do so at an appropriate time.

The peak tweeting hours are between 9 and 11 a.m. and 1 and 3 p.m. and the peak tweeting days are Tuesday and Thursday. Tweet during those times to get the most out of the content you share.

Use hashtags.

Categorize your tweets by putting a hashtag symbol (#) before relevant keywords in your tweet. For example, if your tweet relates to public relations or social media, you could use the hashtag #PR or #SM. You can also follow hashtags, such as #JobAdvice for job seeking tips, to find other people’s tweets in a specific category.

If you are looking for a job, this is the time to get involved in Twitter and learn how to use it to your advantage to get a new job. There are 1,650 tweets per second on an average day, so keep a close watch on those you follow and interact to  develop those connections into new relationships.

How have you used Twitter in your job search? Did you see results from your efforts?

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