How To Incorporate Social Media Experience Into Your Resume

Posted by on February 6, 2012 at 9:00 am.

Resume experts are now urging job seekers to incorporate relevant social media experience into their resume. It is because social media is one of the most powerful tools in the business world today. Experience in social media is a necessary skill in the work world and can only be deemed as an asset. What better way to incorporate your social media experience on your resume than by showing off your social media skills? It can also be perceived as your ability to take a widespread, but essential contemporary skill and use it strategically to result in organizational impact, no matter what role you’re applying for.

Here are three ways to incorporate social media within your resume:

1. Incorporate relevant social networking links into your resume.

Any professional social networking links should be included on your resume. Especially, those relevant to the position you are seeking. These may include LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter. You can do this by adding a section to your resume called “Social Media Experience” or “Social Media Footprint”.  You may also incorporate links into existing sections on your resume such as professional or volunteer organizations. However you decide to incorporate these links into your resume, first, make sure that you “scrub” those sites clean of everything not work-appropriate. The goal is to impress potential employers not scare them.

2. Develop a great URL and create your own website

Choose a professional URL that includes your name and host your own resume. Hosting enables you to have an online interactive version of your resume. Since this resume is hosted by your own site, you can add pictures and blogs and any pertinent data that you would want a potential employer to see. Creating an online personal profile demonstrates your abilities to communicate and market your thoughts and ideas. And you never know when a recruiter or potential employer may stumble upon you while doing a candidate search.

3. Incorporate links to previous blog comments, group moderating activities, and interviews into your resume.  

If you have moderated groups relating to your profession using one of the social networks, provide links to them for your potential employer to review or make reference to them on your resume and expand on them in an interview. If you’ve provided thoughts and comments that directly correlate to required skills, include those as well. Additionally, find a blog that will interview you on a topic that is relevant to the position you are seeking. Link that interview with your resume to establish credibility in the industry. This can be included in a custom category such as “Speaking” or “Interviews” under a section labeled Additional Information or Other Experience.

This is only a small sampling of ideas on how to incorporate social media facets into your resume. Others options include guest posting on blogs and writing social media press releases with back links to your online resume. Whatever way you choose to show off your technological savvy, make sure it is relevant to position or industry you are seeking to become a part of.

Have your stellar social media skills landed you the job?

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